Robert Rigby, Westminster City Councillor (Regent's Park)

Robert Rigby has lived in Westminster for over 30 years. He has represented the residents of Regent's Park ward since 2010. Robert is currently Deputy Cabinet Member City Highways and sits on one of the planning committees. He is committed to serving the community ensuring value for money and good services, working tirelessly to ensure St John’s Wood retains its unique character and appeal.  He is a Governor of a local school and chairs the Lord’s Local Community Group.  He lives in the ward with his wife and is a keen runner and supporter of the arts.

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Gotz Mohindra, Westminster City Councillor (Regent's Park)

Gotz values the ward's unique charm and appeal and intends to work extremely hard to preserve its heritage for the benefit of all locals. Gotz went to a university in Westminster and has worked in the borough for 14 years. He works for an investment and property company.

Paul Swaddle, Westminster City Councillor (Regent's Park)

Paul lives in St John’s Wood and runs a software company in central London. As a father he understands the importance of a great education and wants to ensure that all Westminster’s children continue to benefit from the best educational opportunities.

Margot Bright

Margot is a long time Westminster resident and been active in the community for decades. She joined the council in 2019.