Aled Jones

Deputy Chairman (Membership)

Aled is a media barrister and Little Venice resident. Aled grew up in Wales and now spends most of his time in London, though he also works and campaigns with the Conservatives in the West Midlands. As Deputy Chairman (Membership), Aled is more than happy to help with any membership queries and can be contacted at

See Also

Henry Shelford


Henry has been involved with WNCA since 2010 in particular in Bayswater Ward. He is Chairperson of the charity SarcoidosisUK you can learn more about him here. He is WNCA Chairperson. He was previously responsible for the WNCA's Patrons' Club.

Rupert Harrison

Fundraising Officer

Rupert is an economist and portfolio manager at BlackRock, a global investment firm. From 2010-2015 he was Chief of Staff to Chancellor George Osborne, and Chair of the UK’s Council of Economic Advisors.