Looking Forward

The early hours of Friday 8th May brought with it a bitter sweet election result for us at the campaign office. Whilst the Conservatives won a majority in what was a truly historic election night, Lindsey Hall despite having a strong and thorough campaign, was not successful in her bid for Westminster North.

Naturally we are disappointed that such a passionate member of the community was not elected, particularly as we believe Lindsey would have made positive and meaningful progress in our constituency. Regardless, we remain ever optimistic and draw comfort from our endeavours as we move forward.

It is testament to Lindsey's enthusiasm, energy and stamina that a team of roughly 250 took part throughout the campaign and for this we would like to thank say a special thank you, both to her and to the hardworking volunteers who were working around the clock by the end.

We fought hard in what was always going to be tough seat to win, that has been held by Labour since 1997 and one that also mimicked the general central London Labour trend. Even though Labour experienced heavy defeats across the UK, out of 73 London based Parliamentary seats it has now increased its share to 45.

This clearly presents a tough environment to navigate, yet we have made encouraging headway. By reducing the margin against Karen Buck to only 1977 votes, while enjoying the largest vote increase of any party in the constituency, we have set the scene for the coming years. For this we owe much to our volunteers, whose numbers and motivation embodied the energy that we believe came to characterise the campaign as a whole.


Overall we remain hopeful for the future of our constituency and again encourage you to get involved with our local Conservative team as we work towards our next challenge and continue campaigning.