A good nights sleep on St John's Wood Road thanks to Regent's Park Councillors

Residents in St John’s Wood Road have praised the quick action of local Regent’s Park councillors who prevented Transport for London (TfL) from carrying out loud road resurfacing works overnight for three weeks 

TfL began a three week road replacement scheme on St John's Wood Road, a TfL-maintained street, on 2nd November. 

Regent's Park Councillor Gotz Mohindra said: “Multiple local residents - some with young children - complained to me about the noise. An initial proposed compromise was for the works to start an hour earlier at 8pm to allow noisier works to be completed by 11pm each evening, which we found unsatisfactory.” 

TfL planned to operate throughout the night from 9pm to 6am, causing great disturbance to local residents who would have been adversely impacted by this.
After discussions between Westminster City Council staff and TfL it was agreed that the works would occur during the day for these resurfacing works.”

A local resident  said: “Thanks for your support on this issue - it has been greatly appreciated.  An excellent result.”