Europe:You Decide

Europe: you decide

A resettlement for Britain in the EU, followed by an in-out referendum. Have your say....

David Cameron has announced, that if a Conservative Government is elected in 2015, they would negotiate a new settlement for Britain in Europe and then hold an in-out referendum to let the British public decide.

The Conservatives believe that Britain should remain in Europe, not just selling goods to Europe. But we also know that, with the ongoing Eurozone crisis, Europe is changing fast and that many people feel the EU is heading in a direction they didn’t sign up to.

That’s why the Conservative Manifesto for 2015 will commit to negotiating a new settlement for Britain in the European Union and then asking the British people to decide, in an in-out referendum, whether they want to remain in the EU on these new terms or come out.

The negotiation of this resettlement and the referendum will take place within the first half of the next Parliament.

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