Local News

Westminster is better with Boris

The certainty that I was doing the right thing backing Boris in 2008 came as he toured my ward, the economically deprived and ethnically diverse Church Street in Westminster North.

City's Streets Protected

Westminster City Council have achieved a double victory after negotiations with the City’s cleaning contractor allowed them to not only secure valuable services but to drive down costs in the process.

New Road Marking's Help Solve Traffic Chaos

Your Lancaster Gate Conservative Councillors have brought an end to traffic chaos at Hallfield Primary School.The use of the Porchester Terrace entrance to the school was causing serious problems at the beginning and end of each school day. Local residents often found their cars blocked in and the often intense amount of traffic was a danger to pupils.

Westminster North Conservatives Say No2AV

On May 5th there will be a nationwide referendum asking the public whether they want to replace our current voting system (sometimes known as First Past the Post) with the so called ‘Alternative Vote’ (AV).The Conservative Party favours keeping the present system. We will be fighting strongly for a No vote. The Prime Minister has said AV would mean “a voting system that is unfair, processes that are unclear and politics that is unaccountable. It is, put simply, the precise opposite of what we need right now.” 

Westminster North Conservatives launch new website

Thank you for your support at the last election. Because of you, David Cameron is the first Conservative Prime Minister in 13 years and the Government’s plans to build a strong economy and a big society are in full swing. Now, to help us communicate with you, we've launched this new local website.

Kilburn Park Road Development to Begin

Brent Council is set to move ahead with preparatory work for the new development on Kilburn Park Road. This comes after months of hard fought battles by your Maida Vale Councillors trying to halt the development of 133 flats on the current green space.

Mobile Phone Mast Proposal Rejected

Your Maida Vale Councillors are pleased to inform that planning permission for Vodaphone/O2 phone masts which would have been placed at the junction of Elgin Avenue, Lauderdale Road and Castellain Road has not been granted.

Improving Our Community

Ward Budgets are now in their third year, providing the opportunity for local people to spend money on local services. £50,000 has been allocated to each ward across the City of Westminster.

Protecting Little Venice Residents

Following the successful introduction of illuminated speed control signs in Randolph Avenue, your local Conservative councillors have expanded the scheme to a number of other roads in Little Venice.