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Queen’s Park residents vote ‘yes’ on Parish Council

Residents in Queen’s Park have voted in favour of creating London’s first parish council for almost 50 years.In a referendum held by Westminster Council, a total of 1,100 residents voted in favour of establishing a parish council while 508 voted against.

Queen put's little Venice girls portrait on her wall at Buckingham Palace

The Queen is used to seeing images of herself adorn coins, stamps and countless walls but a group of children are hoping to give her something new.A challenge set by the 18A Arts Academy was met by those children who attend the Harrow Road-based centre with a new look at what the Queen means to young people.

Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee

As summer finally arrives the whole of Britain prepares to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee commemorating her 60 years on the throne. When she first became Queen in February 1952 Britain still ruled a vast Empire, Winston Churchill was Prime Minister and The Loveliest Night of the Year by Mario Lanza was topping the charts. How times have changed! Across the land bunting will fly, Union Jack flags will be in abundance and street parties will go on till the early hours. In this time of austerity the Jubilee is a brilliant opportunity to celebrate Britain and show the world our culture and history.

The London Mayoral Election: 2 crucial months for Britain’s Conservatives

The London Mayoral contest is surely going to be one of the closest races London has seen for many years. With only two months to make a difference and make the case for the re-election of Boris Johnson, now is the time to stand up and be counted. We know that London has a fantastic future ahead of it, and with Boris Johnson in City Hall we have the opportunity to preserve London's status as the premier capital city in the world.

Improving our Tube Network

As the BackBoris re-election campaign goes into full swing, it is becoming increasingly clear that Ken Livingstone and his union backers will say almost anything to gain the upper hand. This week, Channel 4's FactCheck investigated the Livingstone campaign's nonsensical claims relating to the efficiency of the Tube network and concluded them to be very wrong. 

Westminster is better with Boris

The certainty that I was doing the right thing backing Boris in 2008 came as he toured my ward, the economically deprived and ethnically diverse Church Street in Westminster North.

City's Streets Protected

Westminster City Council have achieved a double victory after negotiations with the City’s cleaning contractor allowed them to not only secure valuable services but to drive down costs in the process.

New Road Marking's Help Solve Traffic Chaos

Your Lancaster Gate Conservative Councillors have brought an end to traffic chaos at Hallfield Primary School.The use of the Porchester Terrace entrance to the school was causing serious problems at the beginning and end of each school day. Local residents often found their cars blocked in and the often intense amount of traffic was a danger to pupils.