Boris and Kit Win in Westminster

Following a particularly close and hard fought campaign, both Boris Johnson and Kit Malthouse have triumphed at the polls and secured re-election. This is fantastic news for London, as it ensures sound leadership for our city at the time when it is most needed. Boris is now in a position to drive his unique vision even further forward, and Kit will bring his considerable talents to his new brief dealing with business and enterprise in London.

While we have every reason to be jubilant, it is important to remember that this election is as much a beginning as it is an end. Yes, Ken has been defeated, his spectre no longer to loom in the background, threatening us all with the prospect of more of his unfunded, reckless, crony riddled politics. Even so, if Boris is to achieve his full potential over the next four years then we must not rest on our laurels. It is vitally important that instead we rally behind our mayor and his team, working together for the good of the constituency and the entire city.   

Finally, this victory is thanks to the focus and commitment of a great many people, from our elected figures, our constituency and ward level officers and of course the very hardworking volunteers all of whom have given up their time to ensure that London faces the next four years with a competent and forward thinking mayor, as opposed to the backward divisive politics and leadership style of Ken Livingstone. The culmination of all this effort was undeniably close, every phone call made, every person canvassed, every leaflet delivered and every vote cast counted towards tipping the balance in our favour, and the end result is something we can all be proud of.