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If you live or are otherwise connected with Westminster North, your local Association is the Westminster North Conservative Association. Being a member of Westminster North Conservative Association, means that you have joined the Conservative Party, Britain’s most open and democratic political party. It is for you to decide how active a member you wish to become. You can take part in our political and campaigning activities; attend our social and fund raising activities; or support us through your subscription alone.   
After the first three months of your membership, you will be entitled to vote at all general meetings of the Association and in all national ballots of the Conservative Party.  You will also have a vote and indeed have the opportunity to put yourself forward in the selection of candidates as local Members of Parliament, Members of the European Parliament and City Councillors.  You will also have a chance to influence Party policy by letting us know your views at Conservative Policy Forum events.

 Anyone living in the United Kingdom is eligible to join the Conservative Party.  You do not have to be a registered voter or UK national. There is no upper or lower age limit on membership, although you have to be 15 to be a full voting member. 

The recommended minimum annual subscription is £25 (£5 if you are 22 years old or younger). Our average subscription is £35.

To become a member, click the button in the 'Join or Renew' section

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member of the Westminster North Conservative Association.



If you're under 25 and want to contribute to the future of the country, and help the Conservatives win the next election, why not join Young Conservatives?

Members of YC come from a whole range of backgrounds – whatever your experience of life, whatever your level of political interest – Young Conservatives can cater for you. If you are under 25, you can join Young Conservatives in Westminster North for just £5 by using this link.