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Wednesday, 18 November, 2015
Local Councillors Gotz Mohindra and Robert Rigby help made changes to London Zoo's Licence after expressing local residents' concerns to the licensing committee. 

Westminster North

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Local News

Friday, 13 November, 2015
Local councillors Gotz Mohindra, Robert Rigby, Daniel Astaire take swift action to prevent disruptive overnight road surfacing from distrubing...
Tuesday, 27 October, 2015
Councillors Thomas Crockett & Jan Prendergast continue to fight over demolition of the Carlton Tavern.
Monday, 26 October, 2015
Bayswater Councillors, Brian Connell, Richard Holloway & Suhail Rahuja want to hear your views on the nearby development.

National News

Police and Crime Commissioners are the democratic link between the police and the public. They are visible, public figures, elected in the most...
There are two things everyone needs to know about Sadiq Khan: He backed Jeremy Corbyn to be Labour Leader He says he’d do it again That’s...
Will you be watching tonight’s Evening Standard London Mayoral hustings, taking place at 6.30pm? It will be on London Live (Freeview channel 8,...

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